Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five Illustration Quilts

It's been a while but I have been somewhat active with the artwork. I'll try to be better at posting from this point on. One of my new years resolutions came early, in October. That is to do what I can to step up my commitment to my art. I joined SAQA, the National Quilt Association and the International Quilt Association as well as my local group here in Narragansett. I am still waiting for a spot in the Narragansett group, as space is limited.

After joining SAQA, I jumped at one of their active programs; the Visioning Project. Within a year's time, from Sept. of one year to Sept. of the next, those who join choose a goal and commit to reaching it in a year. Others within the project are free to see your progress and help by commenting and supporting your progress. I committed to the goal of creating 5 major connected pieces of art which will be worthy of acceptance into a major show. As I hope to follow that up with actually applying to some of these shows, I have to keep photos of the ones I wish to show, out of my blog and my SAQA wiki pages.
I can't keep all progress out of my blog, or there will be no reason for a blog. So I have come up with a compromise on the photos. One of the five new pieces is a remake of a piece near and dear to my heart, my first art quilt, an illustration from Peter and the Wolf. I will show progress on this one only as I move along. While talking of my progress on the others, I can't show you any of the images. The five new quilts will be, "Peter and the Wolf", "Mermaids", "Medusa", "Alice and the Cheshire Cat", and "Peter's World" another remake of what was started and shown here in earlier posts. All my drawings have been redrawn or drawn out for the first time and the cartoons for them are done and ready to flesh out. The smallest pieces are Alice and Wolf which are in the 3'x4' range.

Above and below are two photos of a small sample done of the wolf so that I can get a feel for the fabrics I choose. The wolf is being fleshed out of wool, very expensive fabrics which I have limited quantities of. Thus the need to sample first. Above is my first attempt. Unhappy with some of the fabric choices I altered them for the second photo. This is the one I will use to create the larger wolf. The line drawing at the beginning of the post is the drawing of the wolf and the tree without Peter or the bird who have been drawn separately.

For those of you still checking out my blog, thanks for your loyalty. I will try to post more regularly as I get into the swing of things with these quilts.