Friday, June 19, 2015

My Baby Is Live Online

I am very excited to announce the birth of my new baby. I now have a new website and you can view it at: I also have a new email address linked to it. You can still reach me at the old one but the new address is 

I am burning the night oil in the studio with two pieces that I really can't show here as they are being made for calls for entry. So I'll show you what I can.

On June 6, I was invited to attend an Etsy Seller's Event in RI so I decided to try it out. It was held in the mill complex next to RYCO in Lincoln. It took me a few days to prepare, however it was good experience. I was one of only a few vendors inside the mill, while other vendors were outside with tents. I actually sold a small piece and some fabric and trim too. It was a profitable day for me and lots of people got to see my work hanging all around me. 

Not a bad set up for throwing it together quickly! My Mom's old drying rack was a great way to display my fabrics.

While there, I had prepared a demo for a small piece. I had a lot of interest in what I was doing and I got a great start on a new piece. 

Here I am cutting and fusing petals onto a piece of muslin with the outline of the lily already drawn in fabric markers.
I've been working on this a bit at home. After fusing the lilies into place, I have been sewing them down. Almost done with the stitching. Then I'll add my border, cut and bind and it will be done.

I really do love lilies!

Art As Quilt, the SAQA MA/RI Regional exhibition for 2015, has been juried and selected. During the month of May it was decided that the MA/RI Reps would not be jurying the show and another juror was selected last minute. My sole entry, did not get selected. I have not seen the selections yet, but I am sure that this is a fantastic show. I will be working with Sarah Aubry to get an exhibition catalog done in time for the opening in October. I'll be talking more about this exciting show as we get closer to the opening. Congrats to all who made it in!

My work is now a part of my Etsy shop. My shop was primarily started as an outlet for my remnant fabrics and sewing sundries that I don't use. Called Zipper Tailor Fabric Snap, I originally had no intent to add my artwork into the mix. Not wanting to create a separate shop just for art, I finally decided to feature some of my pieces in the shop. My views increased quickly and have kept up. Below are my small pieces, matted and framed. The first, Medusa Awakens, has sold. 

They do look nice in frames! 

Check out my Etsy shop

Tomorrow will be another long day in the studio. I wouldn't have it any other way!