Friday, February 8, 2013

Beach or Blizzard?

OK, so it was very nice sunning by the pool and walking on the beach in 80 degree weather and splashing in the 73 degree ocean picking up shells. The packages of fabrics I packed and the sketchbook went largely untouched. And here I sit contemplating the blizzard which is hurtling itself this way. Beach, or blizzard. Which would you choose? 

Well if I wanted to relax, beach has it hands down. But the blizzard coming my way will provide me with something that the beach did not. Boredom, which inevitably pushes me in the way of the studio, my sketchbook and my artwork. There will not be any alluring beach or pool to pull my weak character away from my work. Probably no TV, computer or electric either as the blizzard comes with nasty winds tossing the trees around us into the wires which provide us with the comforts of modern living. As long as the daylight lasts, my studio will be the place to be.

The beach was a wonderful inspiration though. I started one of the small quilts I took with me today. I am always mesmerized by the movements of the tides and sands and I just love foraging. This translated into a piece I drew quickly of the foamy tides rolling in and out. Above is the water (background) and the sand. 

I added in the foam and a bit of shadow to help make the foam pop. Every once in a while I really choose the wrong color for thread. I chose a light blue to bridge the water and the foam. It looked horrible. Spent a half hour ripping it out. Why I didn't just choose the white right out of the gate, I don't know. Sometimes my powers of observation are a little slow. Happily, it looks fine now.

It's hard to see, but I had some fun with the white thread, machine quilting over the water with a repetition of the batik swirls. My bobbin ran out right before dinner so I quit working for the day. (Dinner was chicken thighs with saffron, brown rice and baked curried broccoli casserole.) So tomorrow I will wake, shower, feed the menagerie, and head to the studio to continue feeling the warmth of Florida while the snowflakes begin to fall. Perhaps the electric won't go out and I can update my post.

Perhaps not. Tomorrow we'll all know. Until then I'm thinking about how I'll take this little piece to the finish line. Some hints: I have lots of shells from the beach, tons of pearl shell buttons, and the fabric above is a long time favorite which seems to meld the colors I have chosen so far. 

I'll probably dream of splashing in the warm waves and running on the sands tonight. I bet in my dream I'll be about 25 and I'll be laughing, happy and warm. I won't know the snow is falling outside my window, while a mature lady is snoring on her pillow. Beach or blizzard. Which would you choose?