Artist Statement

Representational imagery is the base of my artwork. I consider art to be a very personal view into everyday connections that are expressed from the mind of the artist. I use images to elicit an emotive response and often I express subtle commentary on issues that are important to me, such as the preservation of global bee colonies in a world fraught with chemicals and indifference. My work will never slap you with an issue, but more likely remind you of the joy inherent in a natural environment.

My designs are created by line drawings first rendered in response to either my own photography or to an idea that comes to me. My love of storytelling and whimsy play a large part in my initial design process. Then the excitement of creating each work comes from choosing the fabrics to flesh out the line design. I am a lover of intense, bold colors and use my strong sense of color theory to impart a unique style to my work. Stitching defines and punctuates while lending structural integrity. It is my choice to reflect the images of the world with exuberance and, ultimately, I feel like my breath is literally sewn into each piece, like tiny invisible stitches.

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