Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Inspiration

A bit blurry, it's true. But the whole weekend was a wash like a rainy windshield. Tony and I took a weekend to decompress in one of our favorite areas, the outer parts of Cape Cod. I have a small digital camera which I use for downloading pics onto my computer. It takes lithium batteries, which do not last long. For most of my day, the batteries were running on low and causing too long of a shutter speed, creating nothing but blur. I erased most of my photos. Above is just a shot of a couple on Commercial St. in Provincetown. Flags were flying across Commercial St. from one end to the other because of a recent festival. Even in the rain it was festive.
The map is of the area in which we stayed. Our choice of motel is not far from the entrance to Marconi Beach, my favorite beach. The motel is on a large plot of land which abuts the bike path running through Wellfleet, so you can rent a bike for the day to go to the beach or to go the length of the path, which I believe goes down into Orleans at this point. Mother Nature just did not cooperate, however, and a brief visit to Marconi was all we could endure, with strong winds and a biting, cold mist, not to mention that sharks had been spotted in the waters off of Truro (the next township)feeding on seals. So we shopped. We started Sunday out with the flea market at the Wellfleet drive-in theater. The rain hadn't started to fall yet and we found lots of fun antiques to poke through. There are so many wonderful galleries in P-town. We spent hours looking in many of them. It is so inspirational to see the creativity of others. Our favorite gallery was Bowersock Gallery. You can check out the art at www.bowersockgallery.com. Another was a crafts gallery we found in Brewster on our way home following Rt. 6A down to the Bourne Bridge. Its name is The Spectrum and you can check them out at www.spectrumamerica.com.

I spoke to Bobby at the Newport Bay Club upon getting home last night. Firmed up plans to be in Newport quilting on the 25th of September. I have a lot of work to do to prepare for being there. More time in the studio and less time here!

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