Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Poppy Seeds"

Sitting down at the sewing machine at 11pm is not exactly what I was hoping for yesterday, but, *#@+ happens. Dinner was delicious. Anyway, I did get some work done. The lower left of the piece is looking pretty well stitched. There are two poppies and one iris in this area and I only have the smaller poppy left to stitch.
This is looking down at the lower corner area from the top. It's feeling good to see so much done. Below is a view of almost the whole quilt, from the vantage point of my stool. The ribbon border is a jacquard made by Laura Foster Nichols. Her ribbons are amazing and I have been saving this one for a long time for just the right quilt. This is it. I'd like to say that I will be working on this all weekend, but I don't really have a weekend. I'm working Saturday, Sunday and Monday. My next available time to put in some stitch time is Sunday after work. If I get anything done I will post some new pix.

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