Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Millions of pins!

Finally got some time in the studio. Pinning the beast was a beast! Some areas like the spiky neck hair was impossible to turn the muslin underneath, so I ended up cutting it away. I need to be careful with the satin stitching that it is tight enough to cover any white threads showing from the muslin.
Not only was the beast a beast, but the tree had it's issues too. It took a long time to get the pieces fitting into each other properly. The tree is now ironed down to the background up to the area where it starts branching out.
My next step is to hand baste all around the wolf so that he stays put when I start to stitch. I need to buy more safety pins to assure that the backing does not slip when I start stitching. I'll be stitching him in very soon!

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