Thursday, June 12, 2014

MARIPOSA at Texas Quilt Museum

42" x 42"
November, 2013
Cotton batiks & hand-dyes, silk dupioni
Fused and machine stitched and quilted
Fimo, metallic and glass beads

Well it has been a long time since I have posted here, so I will try to pick up with where I left off. I have been busy in the studio. Less time here at my computer means lots more time in my studio. As you can see, Mariposa was completed in time to be entered into an exhibition, Butterflies and Their Beautiful Kin, at the Texas Quilt Museum and juried into the show. Not only will it be at the Museum but will join 25 other quilts on a tour around the United States through 2017 for an exhibition called, Butterfly Whirl: Contemporary Quilt Art.

"Mariposa is part of a body of work that blends both my love/concern for nature and my penchant for whimsy and storytelling. I am reinventing a hierarchy of imaginary royalty intent on the survival of their realms." 

There are six butterflies pictured in this piece: The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, the Blue Spotted Purple and the Monarch make up her collar. The Blue Morpho is lighting on her hand. The Eastern Tailed Blue is flying and the Great Purple Hairstreak is on her chrysalis hair. 

This is my first time having a piece published in an exhibition catalog. The princess is on page 23. Of course, that is part of Velda Newman's Wings, 62" x 182", 1994, on the cover. In addition to the juried exhibition, 17 quilts were selected for an invitational show, A Flutter of Butterfly Quilts, in which Ms. Newman"s spectacular quilt Wings was a part.

There is a lot more that I need to post about and more things coming up in the studio. For today I will wrap it up. Most days I use my iPad to take photos and do most everything. The one thing it won't do is create posts on Blogspot. So I am going to try to get some pictures transferred from it to my main computer. Then I will update some more.

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