Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Resolutions

Thankfully the holiday season is over. And I have been spending time in my studio. I'm trying to take stock of where I am and where I am going, as one often does in the beginning of a new year. So in the moments when I just can't see anymore lines of thread and I just can't do anymore on "Mermaids", I move over to another spot in the studio and am compiling a scrapbook/diary of my drawings which have been intended for becoming quilts. In the writing I am forcing myself to see which ones have potential and which ones will never be completed or expanded upon in any way. 

Above are my pages on my work for "Peter's World", which I started a while ago but left as I ran into snags. At the time I was hand stitching, which I never do anymore. In the lower left you can see my first attempt at piecing and above is the drawing of Peter. In my writing about this piece; what it has meant to me and how my thoughts have changed about how to implement it, I have decided to put it on my list of drawings that I must revisit. I now, years later, have a better idea of how to go about making this come to life. And so it is going on the list of pieces that must get done and not forgotten. 

I am such a strange bird that sometimes I wonder how I am viewed by other artists. Most of my life has been about finding balance. This has always been an important concept for me. I have striven to try to find balance in life but have not always succeeded. My artistic self has often suffered being at the low end of the scale. But I think part of the struggle to even off the scales is in realizing that in the span of a life, sometimes things come later and not sooner. It's a balance of it's own. And so as I now am considering what seems to be the beginning of my retirement from working outside the home and the relaxing of my duties as Mom, I can tip the artistic scales to high. I have done over 50 drawings specifically intended as major pieces. Only a handful have been completed. I intend to change this statistic. As New Years resolutions go, this is a big one and I have been trying to force it's beginning for a few years now. But finally, I think the time is right.  

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