Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tony got me a new toy for Christmas, an iPad. More technology for the techno-impaired old lady, evidenced by the smirk above. Took this picture with the iPad this afternoon to use it as my profile photo on my new linkedin account, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nancy-turbitt/63/785/780. I am so bad at this though that I could not figure out how to transfer the photo to blogspot or even at least to my pictures in my computer. Somehow the photo went directly to linkedin without first being saved to my photos in the iPad. I figured out a way to transfer the photos from the iPad to my pictures in the hp last week. I don't think it's the right way though. Well, I got creative with my profile picture as it's too late to call my daughter to find out how. I printed an enlargement of the profile pic, scanned it into my computer and voila, here it is. Bit grainy and there are a few issues with lines. Humph!

Sometimes I wonder where the whole world is spinning to. MY HEAD sure is spinning. I'm not sure why we need all this technology, but it seems that we all do. I have a new app for drawing and designing which is why I wanted the iPad in the first place. It is helping me block colors out over a drawing which will help me in choosing colors for a quilt.  Learning to draw on a computer is an art in itself. I suppose I will get better at it with a lot of practice.

So with all this playing on the iPad, I have jumped into social media in a big way. I have had a facebook account for over two years now, but as of today I have added Twitter(@nancy_turbitt) and Linkedin. You can find me all over the place now. Why exactly anyone would want to is still a mystery to me but I am being followed. Tomorrow I think I will just sew. Seems boring with all this media frenzy, I know, but I'm still just happiest sitting at my sewing machine.    

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