Friday, September 11, 2009


My Bernina was in need of a tune-up, so in late August, I took it to the local dealership. On the morning of September 11, I dropped my Mom at her daily adult care center and got on the highway going south to Warwick. It was then that I heard of the first plane hitting the tower in NYC. By the time I got to the store to get my machine, all the employees were standing in front of the TV in one of their workrooms. I joined them in disbelief.

I joined an entire nation, who now remember their experiences of that day. Pivotal and painful, we all knew that the world would never be the same again. Eight years later, I fear that we really haven't made much progress in the way of peace. I am always hopeful but there is a foreboding now that will not go away. At any time, any moment, it could all shatter; the quiet hum of safety. Let none of us forget that peace begins in our hearts, that life is fleeting, and that the world will turn no matter what happens.

As I sit at my Bernina this afternoon, I will let each stitch become a prayer for peace, for the pain and suffering of all the people who lost someone eight years ago to this tragedy, for those individuals who lost their lives and for those who would perpetuate this kind of violence again. For the later please, bless their souls with tolerance, compassion and wisdom and fill their hearts with love instead of hate. As I watch the leaves flutter on the trees outside my studio, and the tiny drops of rain fall like tears, I pray with hope.

Let none of us ever forget.

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