Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I took an hour to take a walk with my camera today because it was just so wonderfully warm. A balmy 60 in Rhode Island. I wanted to capture some of nature's best during this stunning season. I started in the driveway. We only have one maple on a lot full of oaks. It's a bit squeezed under the mighty oaks but the leaves still turn a brilliant red - just not all at once. A nice study for a future quilt.
Clusters of berries just captivate my eye. This sprig was hanging very near a nest. The elusive bird occupants scurried into the underbrush to avoid my stare. I didn't want to get too close for fear that they would not return.
This hedge is at least 50 feet long, planted between two neighbors' homes as a screen. There is nothing more dramatic in the fall than Burning Bush.
The needles of a white pine are so much fun up close. They create such a linear feel, I can't help but see stitching lines for a quilt when I look at them.

These and many more photos taken today will find themselves used creatively in drawings to come on cold and snowy days in winter. But for now, I'm just loving fall.


  1. Wonderful inspirations here! Stay warm.

    aka colorpoetry on Twitter

  2. Thank you, Martha, I'm counting the days till January so I can have some much needed time in my studio.