Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a quick hello to my readers. Welcome Quilt Architect. I do so appreciate all my readers and often wonder why anyone bothers with my drivel at all. But thank you all.

I'd like to be able to say that I have been a busy bee but that is not the case. I have a day job which 9 months of the year is really a small part of my life. But in the last quarter of the year it becomes a monster - it's retail and holiday related. For Oct., Nov., and Dec. it will surely suck the life force out of me. But I need it to survive, so I put up with it. I am so looking forward to January and a rejuvenation of my creative energies.

I can and do some things in the studio for small periods of time. I am keeping up with the BOM with Sue and Terri, I'm still able to draw some and to do hand work at night, but my energy level keeps me from accomplishing much. My gardens are going into sleep mode. I have cleaned out all but one, moved the bird feeders closer to the house, and cleaned out all my deck pots but a couple. My mandevilla and hibiscus do not want to give up to the cold nights, so I still have a few blooms there. But even my cactus, above, has drooped in wait for the snow that will surely come.

At least I am still dreaming of the art I want to create. This is good. And I will soon be myself again, listening to beautiful music in my studio and stitching to my hearts content as the snow blankets my gardens and stops all other activity outside Studio Girasole.


  1. dreaming of art is also creative! thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Thank you Natalya, it has been two weeks now of 33 hours or more of work and no time for my studio. It has been hard not to have time for my art but as you say dreaming is also creative, so I am reveling in ideas. I can't wait for January!

  3. Thank you for the welcome!!

    Rest before Action...although it doesn't sound like you will be doing much resting...hopefully you can collect images and food for thought. When you are able to get back into your studio you will have a lot to offer.

    I would suggest keeping a drawing pad close to you during this time and jot down your ideas as they come.

  4. Thank you Quilt Architect. Both you and Natalya gave me the same idea which has been well taken. At least I'm doodling daily. I just finished three punishing days, one of which was a holiday double shift, both opening and closing in two different stores. I thought there were lots of people out of work looking for jobs, but apparently not so. I am filling two spots in two sister stores a half hour apart. At least I will have some money for art supplies!