Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's been too long since I have blogged. Those who look to read often were probably disappointed to see the same old post. Sorry. With fall come increases in the hours I work my day job. I work as a retail sales goddess for a national card and gift store to remain unnamed. Their focus is to sell lots of stuff for upcoming holidays. They are in their peak season. And I am wishing it was still summer when I only had to work 12-15 hours a week. Unfortunately, I have to keep the job to pay some of the household bills. Not retired yet!

I have been taking time to sew as often as I can, I just can't devote the time I had a few months ago. Above is the September quilt square done for a block of the month club at Two Creative Studios. I am looking forward to the next months. I very seldom work traditional quilts but I do love to do them. This should be a very fun aside.
I found a pattern for a bee in an old magazine recently. I love bees as subjects for my drawings so I just had to make up a few squares. I'm going to make a few more up in different colorways. Not sure what I will do with them then. But I love the way they came out.
I've been hand stitching on 'Chlorophyll' too. Using embroidery floss to create the random stitches above. I'm not sure about the pale green floss. I think I might take it out and substitute another color. All the handwork is done on the border, so as soon as I finish this embroidery, I'll move on to some more machine quilting.

Again, I'm sorry to have taken such a long break from posting. I'll try harder to find more time for the blog. Thanks for reading.

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