Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tree Piecing

Started working on the colors for the tree running through Peter and the Wolf. Above are the first cuttings for the tree pinned to the background colors. Below is a detail of the tree. It shows the patterning well but the colors are not accurate at all. I love piecing trees. They are so much fun and so beautiful.

The tree will be stitched on top of the wolf as it cuts through the wolf. Actually the wolf is circling the tree hunting down the bird, just out of it's reach. So my next project is to take my sample of the wolf, decide for certain on the fabrics and start to cut them. They will be stitched on a piece of muslin so that I can pad the wolf, making him stick out a bit in relief.
Above is the final shot of the tree, all the colors are as I want them. They are just pinned in place but the wonder under is on the back of each one. Once the wolf is fleshed out, stitched and ready to place on the background, I can iron down the tree and stitch it in.

My next three days are 8 hour days at work so I won't get to sew much until next week. Well unless we get another storm with a foot or more of snow. As much as I hate the snow right about now, another snow day in the studio would be fun.


  1. I love your tree and getting to see how you pieced it together. Great job. Can't wait to see the wolf.

  2. great looking tree! and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!

  3. Judi and Natalya, thanks for checking in and all the support!