Friday, August 14, 2009

Embellishing 'Goldfinch'

It's time to decide on how to finish this one off. I've pulled out a couple of narrow ribbons which might add to the look. There are also some bird sequins and droplet 'seed' beads.
Like how the beads look scattered in the center of the sunflower.
I'm unsure about the ribbons. I like what the aqua one is doing to the colors. It's pulling the aqua from the leaves out to the border. I just don't know where to scatter the shiny birds.

I'll think on it tonight and start in earnest tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Terri, I love bold color. Use it often.

  2. Thanks so much Robin, I'm sewing tiny sequin birds into the background this week. Will put up a picture when it's done.