Friday, August 21, 2009

Taking some pictures today to serve as subjects for quilt drawings in the fall and winter. I like to keep a series of photo boxes full of my shots of my garden. Drawn by the intensity of the reds and pinks in the geraniums. Their leaves are so unusual and fun to draw.
I bought my pitchfork many moons ago from an artist who painted and refinished old garden tools to hang on walls. Well, I actually use mine, a bright yellow graces the handle and the shaft. Like the way the grasses fall over the flowers, cutting up the view. Shards of fabric punctuating the roundness of petals and flowers, brings to mind the cell of an idea for a future quilt.
Wow, the center flower just glows almost neon. The power of the sun. I have masses of sunny 'Susans', one of only few plants that will grow profusely under a river birch tree. Mother nature has done a wonderful job of watering her plants often this year. The Black-Eyed Susans are simply covered with bloom. I like how spidery they look when drawn.

This fellow doesn't know that he has found my 'butterfly garden', he just loves the Joe Pye Weed. This garden was amended by me when we first moved here. To the Joe Pye Weed, persicaria, hydrangea, I added bee balm, coneflower, butterfly bush and verbena, to name a few. There are over 25 different plants in this 5x15 foot border garden. Tony and I cleared an area next to the butterfly garden this summer. We are putting up a short retaining wall to hold back the bittersweet and poison ivy vines that creep over the woods towards the edge of our yard. We have several oak leaf hydrangeas to transplant into the back and we will have the fun of filling up this garden in the spring. I'll be choosing more plants that the birds and butterflies love, and that I love to draw.

I think I'll go draw some flowers!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Nancy. I hope to get back to more strips after dinner tonight.

    Your garden is beautiful and I can see what an inspiration it is for you...Poppies & Iris (or whatever its name will be) is drop-dead gorgeous and your colors in everything just sing!