Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm working on getting a series of thumbnail pictures into a slide show for this blog to showcase the work I have completed over the years. Above is an airbrushed close-up of a whole cloth, 'Alfred's Garden', done at a workshop with Susan Shie in April 2001 and completed at home in May, 2001.
Above is a close-up from 'Nancy's Garden - May, 2001'. This is the piece which I recently finished and blogged about in an older post.
A close-up from 'Iris Dragon' - Finished November 2001'.

Above is another close-up from my second art quilt. 'Without' was done during the year 1997. The facial outlines are created by sandwiching cord between two layers of organza and hand couching them.
Above is another close-up from 'Nancy's Garden - November 2000'. I did several drawings during the years from 1997 through 2001 to fit within the theme of a garden series. Many have not been started as quilts, some were started but set aside. These drawings are quite special to me as they chronicle my family history, one of a love for gardening. As I am becoming more able to work, you will be seeing them emerge on these pages as well as the drawings I am doing currently.

More close-ups and shots of the whole pieces will be coming daily.

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