Monday, March 25, 2013

More Dragon

This is where I left off two nights ago with the latest dragon. Both wings were stitched completely in lilac thread. With only two work days left to finish this one off I need to put in a full day in the studio tomorrow and Tuesday. I've been thinking about what to name this one. Still up in the air as is often the case with me.

Yesterday and this morning I did some more stitching. The breastplate is completed and the scaly skin of the lovely aqua Lunn fabric is complete. Tomorrow's agenda includes stitching on the rest of the pieces and quilting some areas in order to finish off the actual stitching. By tomorrow evening, I'd like to cut the whole thing to the right size and finish the edges. On Tuesday I'll be adding beads by hand, crafting a sleeve and signing it. On Wednesday it goes in the mail.

More progress tomorrow night.

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