Thursday, March 14, 2013


OK, so I actually finished the piecing and stitching of this mini today, but my photograph was awful so I'll have to try again tomorrow. This is a shot of her almost completed but with only a few lines of stitching. She looks pretty good finished and I did learn a lot about which "hair" fabrics to choose.


I completed my drawing of Queen Bee. The composition of the girl and her bee hive hairdo is in some ways very similar to the completed "Without" or as I call her Blue Girl. Blue girl is having a red aura day. Some people see the spirals as hair but for me it has always been about her spirit, which is one of passion. I was learning techniques at the time I began this older piece and there is more than one experiment which made it's way into this finished product. But the left facing composition of a simply beautiful girl with a background filled with movement has intrigued me for a long time. No wacky experiments this time. As it always happens now with me, I will probably change some of the drawing as it is enlarged and as I am piecing it. Almost square she will be brought up to somewhere around 45 to 48 inches. Expect Bee to be full of honey golds, the flowers which are lilies somewhere in the purple to pink range and a very dark background in places to set off her honey skin. Oh and there will be lots more bees!

Still dreaming about the the tomato goddess. You can now see about where I am headed with my thoughts of her. What I need is for the pencil to make it's way across the page as if it knows where it is going. Not there yet. 

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